Huss and Dalton Guitar Company, Inc. took root in the fertile soil of the Shenandoah Valley, late in the summer of 1995, when Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton’s friendship and mutual interests inspired them to envision eminently playable, resonant, and attractive guitars that were true to their sense of aesthetics and tone. While the luthiers appreciated traditional design, they imagined a guitar that paid homage to tradition and also incorporated improvements to the structure and cosmetics of the distinctly American steel-string guitar.

Today, Huss & Dalton builds the world's finest acoustic guitars and banjos in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Featured Models

The Owens Mill banjo is a hard-driving, full-blown, gorgeous bluegrass instrument.
Warm tone that still manages to clearly show you the start and stop of every note
Claw hammer and two-finger playing styles are back in force...this is a real sweetheart.