Effective January 2018...we have a brand new catalog fresh off the old press...the first since 2004! If you would like to receive a copy, please fill out our web-form below (don't forget to include your address) and we will mail it to you at no charge. Please, no phone call requests. We welcome your comments here too. We promise not to share nor sell your personal contact information.

Shop Tours are most every Friday 1pm EST. Please call ahead before you make the trip so we may pencil you in on the calendar. Our shop tours are typically around 45 minutes. Please be mindful of the busy schedules our artisans keep and direct questions to your tour guide.

And finally, your consideration of our lunch break is greatly appreciated! Noon - 12:45pm

Thank you for your interest in our company!

Planning a visit to historic Staunton, Virginia? Visit Staunton's web site here: http://www.visitstaunton.com/

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