The gorgeous Tropical Sand MJ! This one is custom with Abalone top trim, Abalone Rosette, Ivoroid body and fretboard bindings. Its top is Sitka and back and sides are gorgeous Maple. Contact Pete @cornerstoneguitars.com
Wow wee, this is a custom TD-R with a thermo-cured Red Spruce top and gorgeous tiger Myrtle back and sides. Give Ben a call @righteousguitars
This little sweetheart is a custom OOO-SP with a thermo-cured Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. Give Mark a call @guitartex
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Welcome to our newest Authorized Huss & Dalton Dealer, Midwood Guitar Studio, Charlotte, NC! Shipping to their gorgeous studio are...from left: Custom TD-R w/thermo-cured Red Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, TOM-R standard with a Sitka Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, and a custom T-OO14 with a Sitka Spruce sunburst top and Mahogany back and sides. Contact them here: midwoodguitarstudio.com
Ah hummm...Brazilian Rosewood...this gorgeous set is on a custom OM with a Red Spruce top, 4-3/16" soundhole, deep body, hide-glue top bracing, flat-top construction, Brazilian Rosewood peghead veneer, and Maple bindings on the body, fretboard, fretboard end, and peghead. Gotoh tuning machines w/Ebony buttons adorn this lovely guitar. Contact Steve @downhomeguitars
This little sweetheart is a custom OO with gorgeous Sinker Mahogany back and sides, thermo-cured Sitka Spruce top, Bloodwood bindings on body, fretboard, and peghead #wow, and Waverly 4065 tuning machines w/Ivoroid buttons. Give Mark a call @retrogearshop Also, check out the review of this custom OO by Teja Gerken @pegheadnation
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The lovely CM...here with an Engelmann Spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides. Give PeeWee a call @harrysguitarshop
This custom Crossroads has a beautiful set of Cocobolo for back and sides, thermo-cured Sitka Spruce top, lovely 2-color sunburst, Ebony fretboard bound in Ivoroid, Ebony bridge, and Waverly 1129 tuning machines. Contact Brendan @heartbreakerguitars
Stunning Ziricote back and sides adorn this custom TD-R. Its top is Bearclaw Italian Spruce. The body is bound in tortoise as is the fretboard, fretboard-end, peghead and peghead veneer, tuning machines are Waverly 1129 w/Ebony buttons.
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This lovely TOM-R Custom has a Bearclaw Italian Spruce top, Cocobolo back and sides, Abalone Rosette and backstrip, Hide glue top bracing, Koa bound body, fretboard, and peghead, Cocobolo peghead veneer, and Waverly 1129 tuning machines w/oval buttons.
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We cannot get enough of these beautifully striped sinker redwood tops! The top on this custom TOM-M was selected by Brendan @heartbreakerguitars. The back and sides are Mahogany and body, fretboard, and peghead bindings are Koa. #wowzaa Contact Brendan @heartbreakerguitars.com
This little beauty is a custom OO with an Italian bearclaw Spruce top, Tiger Myrtle back and sides and peghead veneer, lovely bloodwood bindings on the body, fretboard, peghead, and fretboard end, Abalone/Bloodwood rosette w/rings, '41-style Abalone top trim, '45-style fretboard inlay, custom soft sunburst top, belly bridge, unstained neck, and Waverly 4065 nickel tuners with ebony buttons. #wowzaa Contact Steve @downhomeguitars today!